What started the Partnership?

Interested Citizens and a generous Donor…..

In 2015, a group of Key Peninsula (KP) citizens and representatives from a number of organizations came together to think about how to effectively connect area resources and people.

This group worked diligently to identify issues that affect citizen’s well-being on the KP.  The three primary issues rose to the top: Hunger, Transportation, and Health & Wellness (including behavioral health).

Following the guidelines of other community partnership initiatives around the country,  a “Partnership” was created, a steering committee was formed and co-directors were hired to move ahead with the project.

Our goals are simple, yet profound, in their potential impact: to address immediate needs, to engage the community, and to create a long-term vision for a vibrant Key Peninsula.



We support efforts to feed the community, from creating connections between farms and kitchens to coordinating efforts between non-profit groups.  Already, our Hunger Committee has connected several organizations to find innovative ways to increase how and when people get their meals.


Transportation on and around the KP can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be.  Our Transportation Committee includes people from all levels of the Partnership and is committed to finding  and increasing transportation options on the Key Peninsula.

Health & Wellness

Access to health care, preventative medicine, mental health resources, and ways to exercise the body and soul – all of these are components to a healthy life.  Identifying and creating ways to make these things more accessible to the KP Community is the goal of our Health & Wellness committee.